I am a mom, wife, life-long learner and graphic artist. I have been doodling, creating, painting since elementary school. Those close to me may describe me as creative, family-oriented and honest. I started creating for the web way back in 2008. As a natural designer and tech lover, graphic and web design was the perfect fit for me. I enjoy art that combines color and texture, and evokes multiple senses. I am inspired by music, art, culture, balance and typography. 
I am passionate about what I create and strive to influence others to create also. I am passionate about giving back to my community, specifically our young women, and want to empower creative young minds to make a living doing what they love, use their gifts and talents to improves their lives and the lives of others. I value individuality, empowerment, equal opportunity and If I’m not brainstorming the next project, I’m enjoying my family and planning our next road trip!
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